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Obsessed with Progress Heavyweight Shorts

Obsessed with Progress Heavyweight Shorts

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Obsessed with Progress Heavyweight Shorts

Introducing the "Obsessed with Progress" collection by Fight Division—a high-end fashion series that embodies the relentless pursuit of growth within combat sports and martial arts. This exclusive line features heavyweight organic garments, flaunting a minimalist Fight Division logo on the front and bold, statement-making text on the back. Designed for the modern warrior, each piece merges clean, contemporary style with the spirit of determination and advancement. This collection is not just clothing; it's a declaration of the ethos and philosophy that drive Fight Division and every individual dedicated to the evolution of their craft.


100% Cotton organic carded
Weight: 400gsm


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XS 29/30" S 31/32" M 33/34" L 35/37" XL 38/39" 2XL 40/41"

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